Monday, 11 November 2013

Miss Iceland 2013 - Exclusive VIDEO

Global Social News Network Vocative did a video story on the Miss Iceland 2013 beauty pageant. They make  fun of the whole thing, while interviewing contestants and Icelanders that are against beauty contests.

Vocative wrote:

When we learned there wasn't going to be any press coverage of the Miss Iceland pageant this year, we were heartbroken. (Wasn't everybody?) So we did what any fledgling news team would do—if they also happened to be in Reykjavik. We got ourselves a world exclusive.

Watch our—once again, exclusive—coverage: Behind the scenes at Miss Iceland 2013, where stunningly beautiful women bravely compete for glory in the face of public outrage.

History of Miss Iceland

The competition has been carried out since 1950; in the first year it was called Miss Reykjavík (Ungfrú Reykjavík). Since 1955, the contest has taken place under the current name Miss Iceland.

In the past, contest winners gained the right to represent Iceland in Miss Universe, Miss World or Miss International. As of 2009, the winner goes on to compete in Miss World. Runners-up go to Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth. There are six regional preliminary contests in each of the five rural regions and in the capital Reykjavík. 20 to 24 candidates, three to four from each region, take part in the finals.

Iceland is one of the most successful countries at the Miss World pageant with three victories, a record for a nation with a population of less than half million people. The current owner of the pageant is Arnar Laufdal Ólafsson.

Peter, Iceland 24
November 2013

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