Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bárðarbunga: The situation is considered stable

The seismic activity in Bárðarbunga is still strong. Last night at 01:26 there was an earthquake of M5,7 which make it the biggest one since the events started on Saturday 16. of August.

Just before noon today there was an earthquake (M4,6) under the edge of Dyngjujökull. The earthquake was felt as far away as Akureyri. The Civil Protection department is following the events closely, but the situation is considered stable.

Bárðarbunga eruption

Ak­ur­eyri wobbles in eart­hqua­ke

An eart­hqua­ke of the magnitu­de 4.6 was mea­sured und­er the edge of Dyngju­jök­ull at 11:56 am today at 8 km depth. The eart­hqua­ke was felt by some resi­dents as far as the town of Ak­ur­eyri, and it is the lar­gest since one of the magnitu­de 5.7 was mea­sured in the nort­hern/​nort­hwestern part of Bárðarbunga at 01:26 last night.

The Advisory bo­ard held a meet­ing this morn­ing to discuss the Bárðarbunga situati­on. Follow­ing the meet­ing the same three scen­ari­os as predicted yester­day are still consi­d­ered most likely.

The follow­ing po­ints were the conclusi­on of the bo­ards meet­ing.In­ten­se seismicity cont­inu­es with over 500 events recor­ded since midnight.

Seismicity cont­inu­es to migra­te nort­hw­ard and is now concentra­ted on the 10 km long tip of the dike ext­end­ing 5 km beyond the edge of the Dyngju­jök­ull glacier.The dyke bene­ath Dyngju­jök­ull is now thoug­ht to be close to 40 km long. Modell­ingof GPS data indica­tes that about 50 milli­on cu­bic meters of magma have added to the volume in the last 24 hours.

Fur­t­hermore th­ere are no indicati­ons that the in­tensity of the acti­vity decl­in­ing.

Jóhanna, Iceland24
August 2014

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