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Biking around lake Mývatn

In the summer time, biking is the best way to travel around Mývatn Lake in north Iceland. The surrounding nature at Mývatn is so breathtakingly beautiful it makes this trip an unforgettable experience. Here’s our guide on how to explore the area on a bike.

You can rent bikes at the campsite Hlíð ferðaþjónusta, Hike and Bike, or near the hotel Reynihlið (helmets and locks included). Starting at Reykjahlíð, you head towards Husavik and then turn left before you enter road 85. You are now northwest of the lake and ready to start your journey on the circular road that goes around Mývatn.

Biking around lake Mývatn

The first stop around Mývatn is Fuglasafn Sigurgeirs (Sigurgeir’s bird museum) located near Ytri-Neslönd. The area is well-known for the variety of bird species nesting there every summer. The Fuglasafn opened in 2008, is still expanding and also has a new building dedicated to fishing.

If you feel like a hike and a bit of a climb, you can stop and journey up Vindbelgjarfjall mountain (529 meters above sea level). It will take about an hour to reach the top on foot, but once there, the view of the diverse landscape from the summit is spectacular.

Biking around lake Mývatn

Next, you come to a crossing at the river Laxa, and will encounter mostly farms and observation places for birds. Then, you can admire the pseudo-craters Skútustaðagígar. These craters are similar to "real" volcanic craters in appearance but are not the same; Skútustaðagígar are formed by the underground heat caused by volcanic eruptions in the region.

A few kilometres further along you come to the green paradise Höfði - one of the few places around Mývatn where you can walk through moss, trees and gardens. Opposite Höfði, you can admire and walk through the Kalfaströnd peninsula, which is also an ideal place for bird watching.

Biking around lake Mývatn

Dimmuborgir is probably one of the most impressive attractions in Mývatn. It is a site where volcanic formations were transformed into columns, statues, and sculptures. You can walk through a 2,300 year old lava field with well-marked roads making it easy for you to find your way.

Hverfjall (or Hverfell according to some), is a volcano that appeared 2,500 years ago after the eruption of Krafla, located a little further east. A path leads to the top of the crater and the view from the top is stunning.

Biking around lake Mývatn

A stop for a coffee and cake is almost necessary at Vogafjós, a farmhouse inn, and restaurant. You can also sample local specialties for lunch or dinner at the restaurant while admiring the grazing cows -  that’s if they are not inside for milking. You can also pet and hug the calves!

Believe it or not! you have traveled 36 kilometres that make up the tour around Mývatn lake. A Good workout! So why not end your trip with a hot water bath in the natural pool Grjótagjá, or make a detour to Jardbodin, the "blue lagoon" of the north.

Biking around lake Mývatn

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