The Blue Lagoon (in Icelandic: Bláa lónið) geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. The spa is located in a lava field in Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula, southwestern Iceland.

woman bathing at the blue lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Bláa lónið is situated approximately 13 km (8 miles) from the Keflavík International Airport and 39 km (24 miles) from the capital city of Reykjavík. That is roughly a 20 minute drive from the airport and a 40 minute drive from Reykjavík.

Localization of the Blue Lagoon

The warm waters are rich in minerals like silica and sulphur and bathing in the Blue Lagoon is reputed to help some people suffering from skin diseases such as psoriasis. The water temperature in the bathing and swimming area of the lagoon averages 37–39 °C (98–102 °F). The Blue Lagoon also operates a research and development facility to help find cures for other skin ailments using the mineral-rich water.

teal waters of the blue lagoon

The lagoon is a man-made lagoon which is fed by the water output of the nearby geothermal power plant Svartsengi and is renewed every two days. Superheated water is vented from the ground near a lava flow and used to run turbines that generate electricity. After going through the turbines, the steam and hot water passes through a heat exchanger to provide heat for a municipal water heating system. Then the water is fed into the lagoon for recreational and medicinal users to bathe in.

silica waters of the blue lagoon

Why we recommend it

We would recommend that you visit in the winter (no we are not crazy) for three reasons:

1. The first being that you wont enjoy a geothermal spa as much in hot weather
2. The second is that you cant see one of the most popular things to do in Iceland in the summer which are the Nothern Lights, and the last reason is that you will avoid the heard of tourists that arrive in the summer.  Who would want to sit in 100 degree water at the Blue Lagoon Iceland in the summer anyway?  It will get cold so make sure to bring a jacket along with your towel.

visitors bathing at the blue lagoon

3. Once you step into the lagoon you will feel a slight slushy feeling on your feet which is the silica mud that many have found medical refuge in.  It’s known to be an effective treatment for psoraisis and other skin ailments.

You can enter the water from outside the facilities or from inside so you don’t have to step out into the cold weather in the winter. After entering the kids pool as I like to call it, the Blue Lagoon Iceland surprises you with a waterfall that you can sit by and enjoy (no time limits!).

We must have stood there for at least 15 minutes because it really felt like a water massage.  As you start to find your way around the lagoon there are certain canisters where you can scoop the silica mud and place it on your face.

In-water treatments

1. Relaxing Massage

Deep relaxing massage using a massage oil that contains Blue Lagoon active ingredients and essential oils. A unique experience for body and soul. 30 (60€) or 60 (90€) minute massage available, 15 min relaxation before and after is recommended.

2. Silica Massage for back

A deep cleansing and renewing massage that reduces stress and muscle tension in shoulders and back. The treatment is especially suitable for oily skin, prone to outbreaks. This massage leaves the skin with a healthy and glowing appearance (30 minutes, 70€).

3. Silica Massage for legs

A deep cleansing and renewing massage for legs. The treatment begins with a scrub for legs using Blue Lagoon silica mud, which cleanses and exfoliates. The treatment ends with a nourishing and relaxing massage using Blue Lagoon massage oil which encourages balance and wellness (30 minutes, 70€).

4. Beauty Treatments

All treatments are based on Blue Lagoon skin care products that contain the active Blue Lagoon elements: geothermal seawater, minerals, silica and algae. Select between facial treatments, manicure, pedicure and more (15 minutes, 12€).

5. Blue Lagoon Pregnancy massage

Relaxing and nourishing massage for expecting mothers. The massage is designed to relieve some of the normal discomforts during pregnancy, such as fatigue, backaches, and swollen feet (60 minutes, 95€).

6. Nourishing & Glowing algae treatment

A treatment that cleanses and nurtures the skin. It starts with a salt glow, where the skin is polished with a unique combination of Blue Lagoon minerals and oils, followed by a nourishing algae wrap, while face and scalp are gently massaged.

The treatment ends with a 50 minute full body massage in the lagoon. This extraordinary treatment leaves you energized and nourished (2 hours, 190€).

7. Energizing & firming silica treatment

A treatment that strengthens the skin. The skin is polished with minerals and oils, followed by a firming silica wrap, while face and scalp are gently massaged. Ends with a full body massage (2 hours, 190€).

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February 2014