We are just weeks away from the official end of summer in Iceland. The waves of tourists will gradually subside, the weather will get colder, and the days will become longer. But, little-known fact: Iceland is actually much more enjoyable during our off-season. Shocker, I know, right? The city will become your playground if you decide to visit us during the fall, and you get the added bonus of maybe catching the Northern Lights. Also, accommodation, rental car prices, and flights to Iceland all drop significantly. If you have those vacation days piled up and want to do something different, then secure an inexpensive flight and come to visit us. Let’s review the best ways to find cheap airfare to Iceland.

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Off-Season Deals 

I have already given you a hint of an obvious way to find cheap airfare to Iceland: come to visit us during the offseason. The offseason, the fall and winter months, are statistically when the fewest tourist come and visit Iceland. I think it probably has something to do with the fact our winters can be quite brutal for those who aren’t used to the cold weather here in the North Atlantic.

While the winters may be tough here, they also afford travelers the opportunity to take advantage of some spectacular wintertime activities Iceland has to offer. Northern Lights expeditions, exploring ice caves, and four wheeling across sprawling frozen tundras are just some of the many options thrill seekers can partake in. However, across the board, people prefer to come to Iceland during the summer. As such, airfare will always be cheaper heading into fall. The few weeks bridging summer and fall are what I would consider the sweet spot, in terms of visiting Iceland. Keep your eyes peeled for any dates where the price for a flight to Iceland drops dramatically during this time. Trust me.

Icelandic Budget Airlines 

WOW air is by far the most popular airline travelers use to get to Iceland. The company is proudly Icelandic and seeks to help visitors from around the world experience all that Iceland has to offer. Rising to popularity during Iceland’s original tourism boom, WOW airlines has one mission: to get you to Iceland in style while saving some money. And boy do they deliver! The customer service of this airline is stellar, and their ticket prices are even better.

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Sign up for notifications about price drops and other attractive travel packages. WOW air is known to have flash sales on flights, and from time to time they offer all-inclusive travel options. Sometimes it requires digging on your part to find a cheap ticket to our Nordic winter wonderland, but they are there. I promise. Stay up to date with their website and jump on any deals you find.

P.S: Unfortunately, by early 2019, WOW air announced their bankruptcy and will no longer be operating.

Price Aggregators

Price aggregators are more commonly known by the brands that each website cultivates. Momondo and Google Flights are the most popular by far for finding a cheap ticket. You can also use Skyscanner and Kayak, but I tend to stick to the former not the latter. Basically what these sites do is search the internet, high and low, for the best prices on a flight to a given destination. By using sophisticated algorithms, science, and sometimes what seems like magic, they can dig up some incredible travel deals. If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to find that perfect ticket to Iceland, that matches your budget, then using one of these sites is your best bet.

Error Fares 

Finding an error fare is a little bit like finding money on the street; it only happens a few times in your life, but every time it does occur you are giddy with excitement. You need a great deal of luck to find an error fare on your own. These accidental tickets prices occur when corporate airline employees accidentally set the price of an airline ticket way below market value. Sometimes the deals you can find are truly outrageous. But, you have to act quickly to secure an error fare price for your ticket to Iceland. Usually, airlines catch on pretty quick to their pricing mistake and correct the error.

Checking cheap air fare to Iceland on internet

If coming across an error fare feels overwhelming, don’t worry; there are a handful of helpful and altruistic websites that seek to help every day, non-airline savvy, individual hunt down these incredible deals. Check out Airfarewatchdog, Secretflying, and Theflightdeal when looking for a possible error fare to Iceland this fall. You never know what these sites can dig up. Set up notifications changes on these sites and vigilantly stalk their blogs. I promise you that perfect ticket for your budget exists and is out there somewhere.

Finding Cheap Airfare To Iceland 

Finding cheap airfare takes equal parts luck and dedication. Using these tips and tricks, you should be able to acquire a great flight at an even better price. I like to think you can find anything on the internet, you just have to know where to look. Iceland is a pretty pricey tourist hotspot. Save some money by finding a cheap ticket, and also coming in the offseason. Autumn in Iceland is spectacular. Summer is overrated in my opinion. Then again, fall is my favorite season so I may be biased. Get to work on finding that perfect flight. Time is running out. Happy hunting.

Johanna, Iceland24
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