When traveling to Iceland, a practical concern for drivers is the location and cost of gas stations. This comprehensive guide will explore various essential aspects such as fuel prices, available services, and the location of service stations, providing travelers with all the necessary information to properly plan their journeys through this beautiful country.

What are gas stations like in Iceland?

Gas stations in Iceland not only offer fuel but also a variety of services that enhance the travel experience. Most stations have convenience stores where snacks, beverages, and basic travel supplies can be purchased.

Additionally, it’s common to find cafes or fast food outlets offering everything from traditional Icelandic hot dogs to full meals. Vehicle cleaning services and charging stations for electric vehicles are also common at many gas stations, especially larger and more modern ones.

Gasoline Price in Iceland

Iceland is known for having one of the highest fuel prices worldwide. As of April 2024, the price of gasoline is approximately 315.53 ISK per liter (about 2.25 USD). This high cost is partly due to local taxes and the logistics of importing fuel to an island nation.

It’s important to note that prices can vary significantly between different stations, and occasional promotions or discounts may be available, especially when using a loyalty program.

Where are the gas stations in Iceland?

In populated areas and along main routes, gas stations are relatively accessible. However, in remote areas, especially in the Highlands, stations are scarce, and it’s advisable to plan your route and refuel whenever possible.

Some areas, such as the West and East Fjords, have fewer service stations, so it’s crucial to check the map and plan ahead.

Where are the Gas Stations in Iceland

What gas stations are there in Iceland?

Iceland has several gas station chains, including N1, Orkan, Olís, Atlantsolía, and ÓB, each offering various services and benefits. These stations not only provide gasoline and diesel but also other services such as car washes and discounts through loyalty programs.

The Orkan station on Bústaðavegur, near Reykjavik, is known for its competitive prices, especially useful for travelers looking to save on fuel.


N1 is one of the main gas station chains in Iceland, offering a wide range of services beyond fuel, such as convenience stores and cafes. It’s known for its extensive coverage across the island, facilitating access to fuel and services on popular travel routes.

N1 gas station map



Orkan stands out for offering competitive prices and various promotions through its loyalty program. Orkan stations are well-equipped to meet the needs of travelers, including stores and fast food options, making them popular among locals and tourists.

Orkan gas station map



Olís is a gas station chain operating throughout Iceland with over 50 locations. It offers discounts through the Olís Discount Card, benefits at cafes, and car wash services. It is appreciated for its convenience and the added value it offers to drivers.

Olís gas station map



Atlantsolía is known for its efforts to provide competitive fuel prices. It has a notable presence in Iceland, especially in less urbanized areas, making it a valuable choice for travelers on less-traveled routes.

Atlantsolía gas station map



ÓB (Olíuverzlun Íslands) is also a major chain in Iceland, with stations offering a variety of services including significant discounts to customers through loyalty programs. Its stations are key convenience points, especially on tourist routes.

ÓB gas station map


The importance of knowing gas stations in Iceland

Visiting gas stations in Iceland is more than just refueling; it’s an opportunity to enjoy additional services that can enrich your travel experience. With fuel prices being relatively high, it’s advisable to research thoroughly and take advantage of available discounts to make gasoline expenses more manageable during your Icelandic adventure.