Fjöruhúsið Café Restaurant If you would like a nice walk before your coffee, leave your car at Arnarstapi and take a  2.5 km coastal hiking trail until you reach the coffee house Fjöruhúsið Hellnum, surely the most pleasant café in Iceland. You can also just drive to Fjöruhúsið Hellnum, located on the seafront near Hellnar in Snaefellsnes peninsula; this café is a real treat for both your palate and your eyes. Note that the coffee shop opens after Easter and closes in October.

Some Charming Cafes in Iceland

Cafes in Iceland

Vogafjós Vogafjós is a farm, a guesthouse, a restaurant and a café located on the banks of Lake Myvatn. Most of their food is homemade coming from their farm or local producers. At any time of the year, treat yourself to a hot chocolate and a piece of pie with whipped cream.

Gísli, Eiríkur, Helgi Open all year, this cafe located in Dalvik, North Iceland, offers a delicious house fish soup, amazing home-made cakes and a very cozy and friendly decor -on the way to the toilet, you will find yourself nose-to-nose with a sculpture of the Icelandic president, that looks like he does in person.

Some Charming Cafes in Iceland

Eldstó Art Café This cafe offers nothing more exceptional than the dishes you find on their table, which is the work of Þór Sveinsson and Helga Ingadottir. Eating fresh local products in a cafe in Hvolsvollur with unique and original dishes, this doesn’t happen every day! The café is open from April to September, but it may open its doors in winter.
Gamla Rif In the oldest house in the village of Rif, Snaefellsnes at the Gamla Rif café offers simple, traditional dishes.

Some Charming Cafes in Iceland

Kaffi Lára – Bar El Grillo With a small British pub alongside, the Lára kaffi Seyðisfjörður is a great place to spend an evening chatting with friends and discovering the artists in this little town in East Iceland. Employees share their knowledge of Icelandic beer and music. In summer, you will find some tables outside and also a lovely garden area with tables, chairs and cushions.
Simbahöllin This coffee house Þingeyri, in the West Fjords, is nestled in a small greenhouse dating back to 1915. The building was once a grocery store and then was converted into a café by a Danish-Belgian couple. The atmosphere is pleasant, as are all the dishes -and of course not forgetting the delicious waffles on the menu!

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