When traveling along Iceland’s South Coast, one of the most common stop-off points for an overnight stay is Vík. The quaint fishing village and its black sand beaches are located the perfect distance between the capital of Reykjavik and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon in Vatnajökull National Park. The area around Vík itself is quite lovely. Reynisfjara features some of Iceland’s best midnight-hued sand, and the hexagonal black basalt columns found on its shores are not to be missed. So where can you go to grab a bite to eat when staying in this area of Iceland? Let’s take a look at Vik’s best restaurants and see where to get some delicious Icelandic cuisine. We might even find some tasty drops at a microbrewery.

Vik is known for black sand beaches and pretty good restaurants


Restaurant Sudur Vik 

Address: Suðurvegur 1, 870 Vík-Handelssted, Iceland
Phone: +354 487 1515
This restaurant is one of the most popular dining options in Vik, and for good reason. The smoked Arctic Char and deep fried Camembert with red currant jelly are cooked to perfection. The rustic setting and cozy ambiance make for one of the more memorable meals you’ll enjoy during your trip. And to top it all off, they’ve got gluten-free and vegan options for the diners in your group with special dietary needs. If you come here, you’ll enjoy some of the best local food in Vik. I highly recommend booking in advance.


Address: Víkurbraut 28, Vík, Iceland
Phone: +354 487 1202
This locally owned and operated restaurant is run by a group of friends bonded by their love of cooking and hospitality. They decided to open an establishment back in 2000 and haven’t looked back since. You’ll feel right at home as you enter this simple yet welcoming locale. It’s a popular option for lunch or dinner. The cured lamb is outstanding as is the pan-fried arctic char. Another nice touch is the wall art, created by local artist G. Svana Sigurjónsdóttir. She created each piece of the restaurant’s decor using wax crayons and a technique that employs a common household iron. All work is 100% original and available for purchase.

Halldorskaffi is great dining option in Vik


Strondin Bistro and Bar 

Address: Austurvegur 18, Vík, Iceland
Phone: +354 487 1230
Strondin makes a great spot for grabbing lunch during a busy day of touring. You’ll have a selection of traditional Icelandic dishes that range from hot, hearty lamb goulash and marinated lamb bursting with flavor to warming and filling cod stew. A word to the wise: while most people picture chunks of fish in a creamy sauce when you mention any kind of fish stew, the cod dish here is a little different. It’s actually more of a purée than a traditional stew. That being said, it’s absolutely delicious and definitely warrants a try. The portion sizes are good here, and prices are on par with the rest of Iceland. Fresh, local ingredients make this a practical and pleasant dining option.


Address: Austurvegur 18, 870 Vík, Iceland
Phone: +354 487 1230
Víkurskáli is an excellent choice for those looking for quick, casual, homemade food. The cafe and restaurant offer a standard menu and like many places in Iceland, free refills on soup. They’ve got an excellent veggie burger, and Víkurskáli is also a great option if you’re traveling with kids. It’s cafeteria-style dining offering a good value. Don’t be put off by its location next to a gas station or its appearance. This is a good place for something that hits the spot.

Smiðjan Brugghús is a Vik microbrewery with great burgers and 10 Icelandic beers on tap

Smiðjan Brugghús 

Address: Sunnubraut 15, 870 Vík, Iceland
Phone: +354 571 8870
Not only is this a great place to stop for a beer, but you can also find some pretty good pub grub at this microbrewery. Everyone raves about the hamburgers, and they even have a pretty tasty vegetarian burger. They have ten Icelandic craft beers on tap to quench your taste buds. I also hear the peanut butter & chocolate porter mousse dessert is to die for. Come to the brewhouse for the drinks and stay for the food.


Places to Avoid – The Tourist Traps

While I can’t say avoid these places 100%, I think it’s better to choose one of the above options instead. As with most tourist attractions, both Black Beach Restaurant at Reynisfjara beach and Ice Cave Restaurant roadside café will feel rushed and crowded. These are where the tour buses drop off many of their passengers to eat, so they will often feel more like a pit stop than a dining experience. If you’re pressed for time and absolutely starving, then one of these will do. Just be forewarned that these places get lots of complaints about the service (or lack thereof). If you’re staying in Vík and have the time to go somewhere nice, definitely try out one the previously mentioned recommendations.

Vík’s Best Restaurants

Dining in Iceland can be a wonderful, although pricey, proposition. A restaurant on the island received its first Michelin-star back in 2017, and there are tons of great places to choose from. You’ve got lots of fantastic options for sampling a selection of Icelandic food while traveling in Vík, so make sure to try something Nordic and uniquely Scandinavian while here. Let us know your favorite places to eat in Vík.

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