Saturday, 18 October 2014

Top 10 must-do’s in Iceland - Travel in Iceland

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  1. i will be visiting iceland for the month of march for a artist residency at Nes, in Skagastrond. I have been to Iceland twice before, but several years ago and always in May/June. I traveled the ring road around both times. However, during this stay I am going to leave the north (I have rented a car) and meet my kids (18 and 21) in reykavik and tour the south for 5 days. I was planning on a stay near Gullfoss, one night in the Vik area, 2 nights near the Glacier Lagoon (and the Vatnajökull)...and one night in Reykavik. However, I just noticed you are not recommending a visit to Vatnajökull area until May. Is that area off limits in mid march?
    If it is I may revise my itinerary. (I did see your post about touring the South Iceland travel guide article)