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Camping in Iceland - Campsites in Iceland

Camping in Iceland is not like camping in your home country. Therefore, today we are providing you with Iceland camping tips so you can prepare.

Camping in Iceland - Campsites in Iceland

What You Need

Money – Iceland does have credit card machines at locations that sell items. However, you still need to make sure that you have some cash on hand to make sure that you are prepared in the event that an emergency arises.

Camping in Iceland - Campsites in Iceland

Alcohol – The government is in charge of alcohol distribution in Iceland. This means that you are not going to find beer anywhere. However, there are some state alcohol stores yet they are only in major towns and they can be hard to find since advertising alcohol is illegal.

Therefore, before coming camping you need to make sure that you stock up.

Camping in Iceland - Campsites in Iceland

Food – Make sure that you have a cooler. If you plan to rent a campervan, they will probably come equipped with one. Having a cooler is going to save you money because you can fill it with the items that you need.

It is suggested that you purchase local food during your journey so you can have fresh food and support the smaller towns. If you get a craving for some junk food, you can always stop at one of the many gas stations that you will pass.

Staying Clean During Your Iceland Camping Trip

Bathing – When traveling in Iceland you can camp wherever you desire. This is nice because you are able to experience nature yet after a few days of doing so you are not going to smell so pleasant. The good news is Iceland has tons of geothermal energy, which enables them to pump boiling water out of the earth at a fair price.

Camping in Iceland - Campsites in Iceland

Iceland is also full of swimming pools/hot tubs. It is suggested that you go swimming daily when camping in Iceland.

Camping in Iceland - Campsites in Iceland

Doing Laundry – When at the campsites you have access to washing machines that can be rented for an affordable price.

Camping in Iceland - Campsites in Iceland

Closing Thoughts

If you are planning a camping trip and need to rent a motorhome/campervan in Iceland or have any more questions, read our article, which includes price comparisons for reputable companies.

Enjoy your camping trip in Iceland!

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  1. Thanks for posting the helpful blog! My husband, daughter (8), and I are going this September and plan to wild camp as often as possible while having a backup plan in case the weather becomes too much for our tent. We will be staying for 10 days and driving around the country. Can you really just camp anywhere?! Obviously I will not be choosing such awkward places as someone's yard or property. Any other tidbits of knowledge will be greatly appreciated!

  2. Yes, you can camp anywhere you want!!!! :=)

  3. Hi. I'm doing some research and want to take the route 35/F35 through the highlands; how long of driving time is it through the highlands on the F35 to the route 1 in the north? Note; I'm well versed in four wheel driving. Thank you

    1. Hallo!

      Around 4-5 hours depending on the weather/ road conditions.