If you’re planning a trip to this Nordic island and want to explore the country independently, a great option is the motorhome rental in Iceland.

It is well known that Iceland is a unique country where wild nature and spectacular landscapes are the main protagonists. By traveling in a motorhome or camper, you will have the freedom to explore at your own pace and enjoy all that the island has to offer.

In this complete guide, we will provide you with all the information you need before setting out to rent a motorhome or camper in Iceland. To give you a much fuller idea, we will cover the pros and cons of this type of travel, the differences between a motorhome and a camper, and give you a comparison of prices and the main companies on the island. Easier impossible! Let’s get to it.

Comparison motorhome rental in Iceland

Ranking of motorhome rental companies in Iceland

Once evaluated the fleet, prices, and reviews, these would be the best motorhome rental companies in Iceland. We provide a bit more information that will help you make an informed decision on which rental company is best for you.

Campervan Iceland – 🏆🏆🏆

Campervan Iceland offers a wide variety in its motorhome fleet and campers in Iceland, from basic models to luxury options. We could see that the vehicles come with CDW insurance and do not charge additional fees for kilometers.

This Icelandic provider operates on the outskirts of Reykjavik, but you can choose your pick-up at their office at Keflavik airport. This is not a problem, as 99% of foreign visitors arrive in Iceland through this airport. And with your camper, you can easily travel from Keflavik to Reykjavik.

Motorhome rental company in Iceland

They have six types of campers and motorhomes and are one of the few companies that offer models like the famous VW California 4×4. The Volkswagen California is a tribute to the original camper from the 60s of the same company. The engineers worked tirelessly to design a vehicle that was intuitive and easy to use when going camping. And they certainly did!

This is a difference with other campers. Most tend to be vans adapted for sleeping, but originally were not made for this function. In the case of the California, it is designed to sleep in it and is manufactured that way directly by the Volkswagen house.

We sent several test questions by email (in English and Spanish) and the customer service team responded in less than 10 minutes. They answered our test questions kindly. We realized that in this rental company, they have agents who speak Spanish.

Motorhome Iceland –🏆🏆

Motorhome Iceland has a wide variety of motorhomes and campers that cater to all types of audiences. Normally, companies tend to offer one or two different options, but in the case of Motorhome Iceland, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.


Motorhome Iceland

We saw that the vehicles are very well equipped, come with CDW insurance as well, and offer 24-hour roadside assistance. However, the price is less competitive than the previous option.

They also attended us quite quickly by email, and just like Campervan Iceland, in Spanish and were quite friendly and helpful.

Campervan Reykjavik 🏆

While Holdur company scores slightly better in terms of motorhomes, in campers Campervan Reykjavik makes a difference.

The prices of Holdur are comparatively higher, while the difference in other aspects with Campervan Reykjavík was not radical. Therefore, we have opted to place Campervan Reykjavík in third position. For good, beautiful… and cheap!

Campervan Reykjavík has an impressive fleet of campers. There are very interesting options for travelers with a very limited budget. They have cars like the Dacia Duster 4×4 with a rooftop tent at unbeatable prices!

Campervan Reykjavik, motorhome rental in Iceland

So if you are looking for ways to save money in Iceland and all you are interested in is an economical, but reliable option for sleeping and transport, you know where to look.

Keep in mind that there are many other motorhome rental companies in Iceland, but these three, apart from being popular and local, would be the ones that, according to our research, offer a good variety of options for all budgets. And, of course, a good value for money. Now it’s up to you to choose the most convenient for your trip to Iceland.

Which to choose?

In our case, we opted for Campervan Iceland because we always wanted to have a VW California. The company has very good reviews and they served us fantastically well.

Also, keep in mind that in my particular case, I am young and do not need large spaces or luxuries, with the bed and where to eat, I’m fine. If you are a minimalist traveler, prefer compact vehicles, the camper is your option.

Now, if you are a family or a large group, it is worth indulging and going with all the comforts of a motorhome. Especially when traveling with children in Iceland, having the bathroom and kitchen on board will make life easier. In that case, the best option is Motorhome Iceland.

Camper vs motorhome

Regardless of what you choose, always compare, research online and book as soon as possible. Especially, in high season, availability tends to vanish in the blink of an eye. Remember that the purpose of the trip is precisely to have fun, it is not so much the vehicle that makes a trip special but your experiences with it.

Where to Rent Motorhomes in Iceland?

There are several motorhome and camper rental companies in Iceland, and each offers different options and prices. To choose the right company, it is important to consider several factors such as reputation, service, reviews from other travelers, fees, and rental policies.

Here we leave you a list of some of the most popular motorhome and camper rental companies in Iceland. We have compared the main LOCAL companies in Iceland. For this, we have based ourselves on our own experience and on the opinions of travelers from all over the web.

Comparison of companies and prices

Rental companyCampervan IcelandMotorhome IcelandHoldurCampervan ReykjavikHertzCamper Rental Iceland ISAK Car Rental
Average Score4.8/5 4.7/54.5/5 4.4/54.3/54.2/53.8/5
Price rangeMediumMediumHighMediumHighLowMedium
Type of vehicleMotorhome and CampervanMotorhome and CampervanMotorhome and CampervanMotorhome and CampervanCampersMotorhome and CampervanCamper
CommoditiesKitchen, bathroom and heatingKitchen, bathroom and heatingKitchen and bathroomKitchen, bathroom and heatingHeatingKitchen and BathroomHeating
Mileage includedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited350 km/day
Roadside assistance24/724/724/724/724/724/724/7

Pros and Cons of Motorhome Rental in Iceland

Before deciding if renting a motorhome or camper is the best option for your trip to Iceland, it is important that you know the pros and cons of this type of travel.


  • Freedom to explore at your own pace: with a motorhome or camper rental, you will have the freedom to choose where to go, when to go, and how long to stay at each place. You can enjoy nature at your own pace, without having to worry about tour schedules or public transportation.
  • Savings on accommodation: By sleeping and cooking in your motorhome or camper, you will save money on accommodation and meals at restaurants.
  • Comfort and flexibility: Motorhomes and campers are vehicles equipped with all the necessary comforts, such as beds, kitchens, and bathrooms. This allows you to have the flexibility to stop at any time to rest or cook a quick meal.

Comparison prices motorhome rental in Iceland


  • Access limitations in some places: Certain roads, like the Icelandic F-type roads, require 4×4 vehicles without a doubt, so with a motorhome rental in Iceland, it is not possible.
  • Driving in extreme conditions: In Iceland, mainly in winter, weather conditions can be extreme. Traveling through Iceland in a motorhome during winter can be complicated, especially for drivers without experience in this type of climate or terrain.

Differences between a camper and a motorhome

When it comes to renting a recreational vehicle in Iceland, there are two main options: renting a motorhome or a camper. Although both offer a similar travel experience, there are some key differences to keep in mind.

Camper rental companies in Iceland

  • Size: Motorhomes are generally much larger than campers, which can provide more space and comfort. However, they can also be more difficult to drive and park.
  • Equipment: Motorhomes typically have more amenities and equipment, such as a full bathroom and shower, complete kitchen, and storage space. Campers, on the other hand, may have fewer amenities, but are more compact and easier to handle.
  • Cost: Motorhomes are usually more expensive to rent than campers, though this can depend on the size and the season in which you rent.

It is important to consider these differences when deciding which type of vehicle is the right one and which best suits your needs.


Things to Consider When Going by Motorhome in Iceland

In this section, we will explore everything you need to know to have a safe and comfortable road trip experience in Iceland.

The Icelandic Weather

Something you should not overlook when driving through Iceland in a motorhome is the climate, which can be very changeable and extreme at any time of the year.

There are many myths and realities surrounding the Icelandic climate, but what is certain is that you should always be attentive to weather conditions and check the weather alerts before setting out on the road and during the trip.

Driving through Iceland in winter

Camping Law in Iceland

The Icelandic camping law establishes where and when you can camp in Iceland. The camping law prohibits camping on private areas without the owner’s permission, as well as camping in protected or fragile areas.

Therefore, you cannot camp just anywhere in Iceland. If you travel by camper or motorhome in Iceland, you must go to campsites or authorized parking areas to spend the night in these types of vehicles.

The Gasoline

Regarding gasoline, it is important to know that prices in Iceland are quite high compared to other countries, so you should take this expense into account in your travel budget.

Not all stations have the same price, so it wouldn’t hurt to inform yourself about the gasoline prices in Iceland and compare to make the most of refueling.

Also, make sure to plan your stops according to the distances you’ll be traveling and the capacity of your motorhome or camper’s tank. It is also advisable to fill up the gas tank whenever you have the opportunity, as there can be long stretches without service stations in some parts of the country.

Gasoline in Iceland

The Equipment

As for the equipment, motorhomes and campers usually come equipped with the essentials for a comfortable stay, such as beds, kitchen, bathroom, and heating.

However, if you want to add something extra to make your stay more comfortable, such as bedding, kitchen utensils, or an outdoor table and chairs, make sure to check if your rental company offers this additional equipment.

The Insurance

In addition to the sections mentioned above, it is important to consider some additional aspects when renting a motorhome in Iceland. One of the most important factors is the insurance, as it can significantly affect your trip. And with a vehicle of those dimensions, it is always better not to take risks.

The companies we compared in this article all include the basic CDW insurance, which is a third-party and civil liability insurance. As extras, they usually offer:

      • SCDW insurance: to reduce the deductible of the CDW.
      • < b>Gravel protection: for unpaved roads in Iceland.
      • Insurance packages: these packages include various coverages at a reduced price. Some with deductible, and others without it.

Motorhome rental insurance in Iceland

Make sure to carefully read the terms and conditions of the insurance offered by the rental company before booking. Remember that in matters like these, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorhome Rental in Iceland

Here are some common questions that may arise when planning a camper trip in Iceland:

Do I need a special driving license to drive a motorhome in Iceland?

You do not need a special driving license to drive a motorhome in Iceland, as long as you have a valid and current driver’s license. The standard European type B license is perfectly adequate, as these vehicles do not exceed 3500 kg in weight.

Type B license for driving campers and motorhomes

It is important to keep in mind that most motorhomes in Iceland are large vehicles and can be more difficult to handle than a small car. If you have no experience driving large vehicles, you may want to practice before your trip or consider renting a smaller camper.

Is it safe to drive a motorhome in Iceland?

Yes, it is safe to drive a motorhome in Iceland. However, it is important to remember that Iceland can have unpredictable weather conditions and roads can be dangerous in some places, especially during winter.

During our research, we discovered that some companies do not rent out the larger models of motorhomes in Iceland during the winter, and they mentioned that it was for safety reasons.

motorhome Iceland

Make sure you are prepared for changing weather conditions, research on how to drive in Iceland and always follow Icelandic traffic laws and regulations.

Do I need to make a reservation in advance to camp in Iceland?

If you plan to travel in the high season (from June to August), it is advisable to make a reservation in advance at the campsites you choose.

However, in the low season (from September to May), you may be able to find places available without prior reservation.

camping in Iceland

What should I bring on my motorhome trip in Iceland?

It is important to carry essential supplies such as food, water
, and personal hygiene items
. Many of the campsites in Iceland do not really have areas where you can buy basic items. So it is better to be prepared in advance.

Motorhome equipment in Iceland

Exploring Iceland by Motorhome

In conclusion, renting a motorhome or camper is one of the best ways to experience the natural beauty and culture of Iceland. Although there are some important things to consider before setting off, if you prepare adequately, you will enjoy an unforgettable trip.

Moreover, choosing a reliable and reputable rental company can help ensure that your trip goes as smoothly and enjoyably as possible. We hope this guide has been helpful to you and we wish you a happy journey through Iceland in a motorhome or camper. Enjoy your Icelandic adventure!