Did you know that beer was banned in Iceland until 1989? Strange but true. While many people couldn’t imagine daily or weekly life without these tasty drops, Icelanders had to do without for several decades. Well, they are making up for lost times. A healthy microbrewery culture has sprung up all around the island, and craft beers have become all the rage in Reykjavik. Let’s learn a little bit about these types of breweries and some of Reykjavik’s most popular spots.

Reykjavik's microbreweries and craft beer scene are extremely popular


The Growing Popularity of Microbreweries in Iceland

Craft beer is something that has been around for a long time and has experienced an explosion in popularity in the last five or six years. This trend has not missed Iceland, and you will find lots of microbreweries producing some really great Icelandic craft beer.

There are three craft beer bars in downtown Reykjavik that are sometimes referred to as the “Holy Trinity” for craft beer enthusiasts. These three establishments are MicroBar, Skúli Craftsbar, and Mikkeller & Friends.


This is one of the oldest and probably best-known craft beer bars in Reykjavik. It regularly tops the to-do list of anyone exploring the city’s famous nightlife. They offer a top-notch selection of bottled craft beer as well as beer on tap. Try the tasting tray to get a wide selection of what they have to offer. You can get beer from Gæðingur brewery here.

Reykjavik's microbreweries and craft beer scene are extremely popular


Skúli Craftsbar

If you’re looking to try beers from Iceland’s Borg brewery, then this is your place. Skúli Craftsbar is one the classier options for craft beer in Reykjavik. They offer a happy hour from 2pm to 7pm, it’s also a great place to start any night (or afternoon) out. Be sure to try the Bríó, which is a Pilsner, and the Úlfur, which is an Indian Pale Ale. Those looking for a little more adventure with their brew can ask for a Leifur (named after Leif Erikson). This pale ale has a unique touch due to the Arctic thyme they add during the brewing process.

Mikkeller & Friends

This Reykjavik favorite has a great ambience and unique decor. You’ll love spending your time at this local hangout where your biggest problem will be which fantastic beer to choose. While spending time exploring Iceland’s craft beer culture, you’ll definitely want to stop here to try the Sur Citra, made with citrus fruit peels.

Reykjavik's microbreweries have lots of different craft beer on tap


Reykjavik’s Best Craft Beer – Bryggjan Brugghús

Another popular option on the microbrewery scene is Bryggjan Brugghús. This craft beer bar actually makes their own brews. They also make the experience complete with live music and great food. Additionally, they offer beer tours and beer tastings. Come to visit Reykjavik’s newest microbar and you won’t regret it.

You’re sure to love the Icelandic capital’s microbrewery culture and the fantastic selection of craft beers. Let us know your favorites!

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