We are only one day away from the official start of summer. Every year around June 21st, people breath a little easier knowing that the days are going to be longer, the weather will be warmer, and midday drinks on patios are not only socially acceptable but somewhat expected. If you are looking to truly soak up all the rays you possibly can, while listening to tasty tunes, and having an experience unlike any other, then Reykjavik’s Secret Solstice Festival is right up your alley.

Crowds at Iceland Secret Solstice Music Festival

The Line up

Fun fact about Iceland’s capital city: not only is it the northernmost capital city in the world but during the summer solstice, it experiences up to 96 hours of continuous sunlight. If you think you read wrong, you didn’t: there are up to 96 hours of non-stop daylight during the solstice. I can’t think of a better way to usher in summer 2018 then going to a festival with an insane musical lineup while being bombarded with vitamin D.

The four-day festival will feature an eclectic line up that is sure to have something for every music lover. There are just too many big names to name performing at the festival, but I’ll give you a taste: British Grime phenom Stormzy, legends of death metal Slayer, founders of funk themselves George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, EDM grandmaster Steve Aoki, the multitalented hip-hop producer and artist Goldlink, and many, many more.

The festival is not only unique in the circumstances surrounding the weather (96 hours of continuous sunlight cannot be stressed enough), the diverse lineup of artists that will be taking the stage, but also some of the packages offered for this festival are absolutely out of this world. Festival goers may have some hesitancy surrounding packages and music festivals, especially after 2017’s infamous Fyre festival fiasco.

Secret Solstice Music Festival

Secret Solstice Music Festival

No one wants to end up stranded, sitting in FEMA disaster relief tents, eating cold ham sandwiches, wishing they could post something cool to Instagram. I would also hazard a guess to say no one wants to see a picture of a sad millennial’s ham sandwich either. Worry not music festival lovers. Secret Solstice has got you covered. This will be the fifth year of the Secret Solstice festival. They have been around the block. And, if you are still on the fence about going, the festival recently received a nomination from the European Festival Awards. There is good reason why they have earned the distinction as, “The Worlds Most Unique Festival.”

This prestigious title puts pressure on the festival organizers to keep it fresh and exciting year after year. This year they have met or exceeded expectations, and will easily hold onto that distinction once again. The “Must-See: Festival Pass + Hotel” package is a steal and will put you in the lap of luxury while you bounce between acts like Gucci Mane and Death From Above. Meant for couples or those seeking a luxury experience, the package includes a stay downtown at the magnificent Hotel Reykjavik Natura for three nights, with a queen bed, and a whole slew of amenities (wifi, electronic key cards, etc.).

If hotels are too fancy for you, they offer the “Must-See: Festival Pass + Camping Pass.” I have always been under the impression that camping is the way to go when it comes to music festivals. It gives you an excellent opportunity to meet people. Inundate yourself in the festival atmosphere, and most importantly, it is much cheaper. For those with families or who can afford it, the hotel package may seem more attractive. International travelers may worry about lugging their camping equipment on flights. And subsequently showing up to the festival a sweaty mess. The Secret Solstice festival has options to rent tents. And if you pre-order they even have it set up for you by the time you arrive.

Camp out at Reykjavik's Secret Solstice Music Festival

Further information

Music and accommodation packages aside, 14 Iceland excursions are offered apart from the festival. 14 trip options, 96 hours of sunlight, and some of the most popular musical acts touring! What’s not to love? Trips range from glacier excursions that bring you to the Langjökull Glacier ice cap where you will rediscover your sense of wonder as you wander through the 500 meter long ice cave, to a day trip where you will experience the undeniable, overwhelming cuteness of the Icelandic Puffin (there is also whale watching on this tour, but let’s be honest with ourselves: we want to see the puffins, we want to steal the puffins, we need to befriend a puffin). These tours take you to and from the festivals and may serve as a significant change of pace from the festival atmosphere.

Festivals are great avenues for making new friends, experiencing new music, and having a great excuse to nosh on festival food. The main issue with international festivals is that festival goers rarely have an opportunity to take in the culture of the country they are visiting. The cost and logistics of getting to and from a festival in another country are overwhelming enough. However, Secret Solstice makes that travel worth it.

Sightseeing Iceland

You can quickly and affordably split your time between seeing your favorite musical acts, and seeing aspects of Iceland that you would otherwise not have time or money to visit. Also, there is going to be 96 hours of continuous sunlight due to the summer solstice (if you haven’t experienced this phenomenon, it will blow your mind, and you also might fall into a slight hibernation after the festival is over). Whether you are looking for an excuse to go to Iceland, start your summer off with a unique music festival, or if you want to see Gucci Mane and then immediately go hang out with some puffins, then Secret Solstice festival is perfect for you. Make sure you pack your sunglasses and sunscreen as there is going to be 96 hours of continuous sunlight (in case you can’t tell, I still cannot get over it).

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