Iceland is probably one of the most photographable places on earth. Its varied landscapes provide the perfect backdrops for your travel photos. Some say you can simply point anywhere, click, and you’ll come up with a great picture every time. While that may be true, we’d also like to give some additional travel photography tips for Iceland as well as some do’s and don’ts. So grab your cameras shutterbugs, let’s jump right in!

Iceland Travel Photography Tips Young Woman with Camera


Iceland Photography Tip #1: Don’t get bogged down by equipment 

Iceland is a place where you will spend a lot of time outdoors. You’ll do a lot of hiking, exploring and walking to find the perfect shot. The last thing you need is to be carrying too much equipment, so pack light.

Iceland Photography Tip #2: Do bring your tripod

While we don’t want you to get too weighed down with tons of different lenses, accessories and the like, one item you should definitely bring is a tripod. You’ll want one of these for those long exposure shots of waterfalls, both big and small. And not to mention the Northern Lights, which require a slower shutter speed.

Iceland Photography Tip #3: Protect your camera from the elements 

Icelandic weather is notorious for being changeable. You’ll want to protect your precious, expensive equipment from the rain and snow by carrying some kind of rain sleeve. Although to be honest, having an umbrella often works better as it will protect the front elements of the camera. And of course, there’s always the old standby of a plastic bag or case for when things really start to go crazy.

Protect your camera in the snow with Iceland travel photography tips


Iceland Photography Tip #4: Please watch where you step

This warning is two-fold. First, Iceland has a very delicate ecosystem, and the rise in tourism has been almost overwhelming for the small country. Many of its flora and fauna are being destroyed due to careless tourists, and I know you don’t want to fall into that category. Respect the signs of where you are and are not allowed to go. Secondly, Iceland can be quite dangerous, so please use common sense when trying to get that perfect shot. We want you to come home from your Iceland vacation unscathed.

Iceland Photography Tip #5: Bring your wide angle lens

Iceland is famous for its sweeping landscapes, and the last thing you want to do is get boxed in with a narrow lens. Sure, you could stitch them together later in Photoshop or the photo editing program of your choice, but why not cut out the middleman? You’ll also want to be sure you’re bringing lots high capacity memory cards. As you know, shooting in RAW mode takes up tons of space, but it’s necessary to have the best files for photo editing.

Iceland Photography Tip #6: Try various angles

One of the differences between a good photo and a great photo could just be the difference of moving left or right by a few feet, climbing up on a rock, or even crouching down on the ground. As any seasoned photographer knows, you rarely get the perfect shot on the first try. You can take dozens (or even hundreds!) of shots just to get the right one. The beauty of digital cameras is that you’re not wasting tons of film if you take a lot of photos. Now, you can just delete the unwanted pics from the memory card on your DSLR.

Bringing a wide angle lens is an Iceland travel photography tip

Hopefully, these tips will help you get the most out of your photographic expedition to Iceland. You’ll bring home unforgettable photos of this unique and beautiful land. Maybe you can even share them with us!

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