Traveling is inevitably linked with the act of buying souvenirs. Although it’s true that most memories are intangible, we all love to have a piece of the country we’ve visited, and it couldn’t be any different when you come to Iceland. So, if you’re one of those who have a fridge overflowing with magnets or simply adore buying things that remind you of your trip, this is the place for you. There’s a curious souvenir in Iceland for everyone!

We won’t talk about the already mentioned magnets because, although they always save the day at the last minute, they are quite a well-known resource. We want to introduce you to those souvenirs that perfectly reflect Icelandic culture and will delight both your loved ones and yourself.

Shop with Lopapeysa, one of the most Icelandic souvenirs


If it has a strange name, it’s because it’s very Icelandic. That’s exactly what lopapeysa is, one of the most typical and traditional sweaters of Iceland. It’s true that it’s not a cheap gift, but these are the kind of garments that last a lifetime, without exaggeration.

The word Lopapeysa literally means wool sweater, and it’s precisely made from that material. Icelandic wool is unique because its sheep are of a particular breed that has remained isolated and free from mixes for centuries. For the coats, they are knitted in double layers with different types of wool, which makes the coats easily repel water.

They often have very traditional patterns and can even be customized. As mentioned before, it’s not the cheapest souvenir you can find, but there are certain places where the price can be more economical, such as the Reykjavik flea market, where many elderly women who knit sell their creations at a more modest price because they skip the middleman.

Volcanic Jewelry:

Yes, as you read. Authentic jewelry pieces made from Icelandic volcanic stone. If you like unique things, this is surely a great option. Each piece is individually made using volcanic rock, zirconium, or Swarovski crystals. Some even give it certain supernatural powers, saying it gives strength, dynamism, and inspiration.

That’s left to each person’s consideration, but if you want to try it or buy it as a souvenir, you can find these jewelers mainly in Reykjavik, but also in Geysir, Gullfoss, Keflavik, and Akureyri.

Bracelet made with volcanic rock, one of the most unique souvenirs from Iceland

Glacial Clay Soap:

After a long journey through Iceland with the wind on your face and low temperatures, your skin can suffer if not properly treated. So, why not take home a handmade soap made with… glacial clay?

These soaps are handmade in Iceland and also contain medicinal plants, essential oils, and the clay itself, which provides an exfoliating effect. Some have clay from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, which erupted in 2010 causing air chaos throughout Europe.


If in Spain a handy idea for a gift is a good bottle of wine, the Icelandic counterpart would be Brennivin, only suitable for Vikings.

Brennivin is a high-proof alcoholic beverage made from fermented potato. In the country, it is nicknamed “black death,” so fair warning. It is usually accompanied by some pieces of Hákarl or fermented shark, but that may not be the most ideal souvenir of all.

Remember that alcoholic beverages are not sold in every store, so you’ll have to go to state-run ones (vinbudin) or the airport duty-free.

Ingredients for preparing a Blóðberg tea, a very healthy memory of Iceland - Curious souvenir Iceland

Hot Spring Bath Salts 

Immersing yourself in bath salts derived from Icelandic hot springs is like experiencing the famous Blue Lagoon in your own home. These salts contain a rich blend of minerals such as silica, known for its rejuvenating benefits for the skin. They are perfect for a relaxing bath that nourishes the body and calms the mind.

Icelandic Chocolate 

Icelandic chocolate is a gastronomic delight that reflects the purity and intensity of Iceland’s natural environment. With local ingredients like sea salt from the cold waters of the North Atlantic and heather, this chocolate offers an exceptional culinary experience. The combination of rich flavors and indulgent textures makes each bite memorable.

Icelandic Literature Books

Iceland, with one of the highest reading rates in the world, is a paradise for literature lovers. Books by Icelandic authors like Halldór Laxness, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature, capture the essence of Iceland’s landscape and psyche. Icelandic sagas, on the other hand, transport you to the era of the Vikings with stories of exploration, war, and legends, serving as literary pieces that not only entertain but also educate about Iceland’s rich history.

Viking, Elf, or Troll Souvenirs

Iceland is steeped in mythology and folklore, with stories of Vikings, elves, and trolls intertwining in modern culture. Souvenirs representing these mythological beings, such as carved figurines, jewelry inspired by ancient symbols, and decorative artifacts, are perfect for those looking to take home a piece of Icelandic mysticism. These items are not only decorative but also serve as a bridge to Iceland’s rich mythological tapestry.

Silica-based Cosmetics

Blue Lagoon’s silica-based cosmetics are some of the most sought-after beauty products in Iceland. This natural mineral, known for its healing properties, helps rejuvenate and protect the skin, offering benefits such as improved skin texture and elasticity. These products not only harness Iceland’s unique natural resources but also incorporate modern science to maximize their beneficial effects.

Icelandic Music Vinyl

Icelandic music vinyls represent a special way to appreciate the country’s rich music scene. Artists like Björk and Sigur Rós have put Iceland on the world map with their unique and experimental sounds. Acquiring a vinyl from these artists not only offers a quality auditory experience but also serves as a cultural artifact, capturing the essence of innovation and the Icelandic spirit in every note.

Carved Wood Crafts

Carved wood crafts in Iceland reflect the skill and tradition of its craftsmen. Each piece is hand-carved and tells stories through its intricate designs, often featuring motifs of nature and Icelandic mythology. These works are not only decorative but also testament to the country’s artistic heritage, making each item a truly unique and valuable collectible.

Puffin Memorabilia

Puffins are one of Iceland’s most iconic birds and a popular figure in souvenirs. From plush toys to keychains and other themed items, these souvenirs capture the curiosity and charm of these birds. Taking home a puffin memento is not just bringing home an adorable souvenir but also a small reminder of Iceland’s incredible biodiversity and natural beauty.

Claiming Tax Refunds on Your Iceland Purchases 

Don’t forget to take advantage of tax refunds for tourists, allowing you to recover a percentage of the VAT on qualifying purchases during your visit. This process can be done at the airport upon your departure, ensuring that your shopping experience is as rewarding as it is economical.

You must be a permanent resident outside of Iceland and have purchased products worth a minimum of 6,000 ISK (including VAT) on a single receipt. Keep all your purchase receipts, as you’ll need to present them along with the tax refund forms provided by the merchant at the time of purchase.

Before passing through passport control at the airport, present your purchases, receipts, and completed tax refund form at the international refund point.

At Keflavík Airport, and at some other departure points, you’ll need to obtain a validation stamp on your form, certifying that you are exporting the goods. For purchases under 100,000 ISK, this can be done at Arion Bank or customer service counters. For larger purchases, it must be stamped by customs. Once validated, you can receive your refund either in cash or credited to your credit card, as per your preference.

In summary, Iceland offers an impressive variety of souvenirs that are as unique and memorable as the island itself. From traditional clothing and natural jewelry to culinary delights and rich literature, each item has a story to tell. Be sure to bring a piece of Iceland home, not just as a memento but as an experience you’ll treasure forever.