Prepare your trip conscientiously. Inquire about Iceland, weather conditions, activities not to be missed in winter and learn as much as you can about your destination. A well-prepared trip will avoid unpleasant surprises upon arrival. If you are going during the holidays, be aware that business hours may be shorter around Christmas and New year’s.

Tips for your winter trip to Iceland


Despite all the care you have taken to prepare your trip and fine-tune your itinerary, Iceland, especially in the winter, is unpredictable! You must be ready, especially as the weather can be erratic. A snowstorm may prevent you from continuing your way, causing delays that can last hours or days. It is not uncommon for roads to be blocked due to hazardous weather. Ideally, your itinerary should be flexible with back up plans, if conditions warrant.

Tips for your winter trip to Iceland


Always check road conditions on the website of the Icelandic Road Administration, . Road conditions can change very quickly, and an open road can become closed in a matter of hours. If you are driving on a road that is becoming heavier with snow and you don’t see any other traffic, it is possible that you are on a route that has been closed due to the weather conditions. Turn around and check the road conditions if you can. Some vehicles may display a sign that says “ófært” or unable, to inform others on the road of the situation.

Tips for your winter trip to Iceland

Familiarize yourself with emergency numbers and sites to know. Check the websites and social networks often to keep you informed of any weather alerts, avalanches or other:

112 created by the Icelandic Lifeguard Association

Dress up!

This seems likely to be obvious, but make sure you are adequately equipped when traveling in winter. Warm, waterproof but breathable clothing is essential. Hats and gloves are absolutely essential, as well as good shoes.

Tips for your winter trip to Iceland

winter trip to Iceland – Enjoy!

After considering all our tips, enjoy your stay! Winter is a season full of wonders. Lounging in a hot spring, joining an excursion to admire the Northern Lights, skiing in one of the many Icelandic ski resorts, there is plenty to do.

Tips for your winter trip to Iceland

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