I understand that when choosing accommodation it comes down to a person’s individual tastes and needs! but still, I’ve decided to compile a list of the most original and interesting accommodation I’ve found in Iceland. Some I’ve stayed at, and others, well! I wish to get the chance to stay at, sometime soon!

The Freezer Hostel is described as a “Theater-hostel-residence” and is located in the small village Ri in Snaefellsnes. The unorthodox hostel serves as three things: a local theatre, accommodation for guests and offers artist residencies. This property is a former fish factory. It is large enough to accommodate a combination of tourism and culture. Resulting in a surprisingly original vibe for guests.

Top 6 Original Hotels in Iceland! - Where to stay in Iceland

Original Hotels in Iceland

The Berunes Hostel makes you travel through time, back to Iceland in early 1900. This Hostel is a converted farmhouse in Berufjörður in the east of Iceland. And is located 40 kilometers from the small town of Djúpivogur. Out here the nature surrounding Berunes is astounding, making you feel at the end of the earth.

Spend a few days of winter at Skálanes Mountain Lodge (about twenty kilometres from Seyðisfjörður). The peace and tranquillity found here is soothing for the soul. To get there, you must contact the lodge owners who have the proper vehicles to drive there( after 17 km you will find it quite a rough track).

At this time of year, the place is deserted and you will feel very relaxed androgen close to nature. After a day outside in the powerful surrounding nature, you will find the house comfortable and warm when you return and there is also a sauna and a hotpot on offer if you need extra warming up. Skálanes is highly recommended if you like skiing, mountain hikes and if you simply wish to escape the world … for a brief moment.

Top 6 Original Hotels in Iceland! - Where to stay in Iceland


Sólheimar in the south of Iceland has two guesthouses that accommodate 33 visitors, with access to a pool and hot pot. Sólheimar is an eco-village with a residential community of 100 people. While there, you can enjoy all that Sólheimar has on offer i.e. the local organic coffee house and you can purchase organic and local products from the local shop (including crafts made by the residents). In the summertime, Sólheimar’s timetable is buzzing with cultural and musical events.

The guesthouse 1×6 Keflavík was designed by a local artist who used driftwood from Icelandic beaches to build the beds, the furniture, and the walls. This highly original guesthouse near Keflavík also offers a hot pot in the garden, where travellers are welcome to go in and relax.

Top 6 Original Hotels in Iceland! - Where to stay in Iceland

Finally, Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina, offers highly original rooms. Some with double bunk beds if you are traveling as a group or as a family of four. The interior design is quite modern, with a few little retro and quirky touches. In the small library, you can peruse through the beautifully photographed books about Iceland. In addition to your stay, I recommend the delicious breakfast in the morning time, it costs extra, but is well worth the spend.

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