Icelanders are fond of coffee, and you’ll find all the towns have charming little cafes with hot drinks and pastries on offer. A classic coffee costs about 300 crowns and the price doubles for a latte or cappuccino.

What to do with 1000 crowns (8 €) in Iceland?

Happy Hour provides a list of the bars, their times and prices in Reykjavík where you can enjoy a “happy hour”. Outside the capital, you won’t have any trouble finding a beer or a glass of wine for 1000crowns (or less) in a bar or cafe.

Icelandic Crowns – Eat

We have already mentioned Ísbúð Vesturbæjar, which offers ice-cream to die for, you can also find many ice-cream shops in Reykjavik and all over Iceland; even on the side of the road, you may come across a van selling ice-cream. Some of the gas stations or grocery stores in Iceland serve ice cream. You can opt for its salty twin, a hot dog, which will cost around 400 crowns. Some cafes offer you the soup of the day for a thousand crowns or less.

What to do with 1000 crowns (8 €) in Iceland?

In the Westfjords, for just 1,000 crowns, you can drink coffee and enjoy a delicious waffle accompanied by cream and jam in the charming historic farm Litlibær. The visit and the view are well worth it!

Go to the pool

Yes, okay, we keep mentioning the local swimming pools, but this is by far the best investment you will make in Iceland. A visit (or many) to the pool is essential when you’re in Iceland. The Sundlaug site lists all pools and hot springs in the country. They will show you the best swimming pools in Iceland here.

Take the public bus!

The bus costs 350 crowns on a route in Reykjavik; it’s free in Akureyri, Iceland’s city bus can lead you to surprising and unknown places, where few travelers set foot. Nothing like taking a random bus and discovering Icelandic life through its windows. In the capital, the bus will bring you to Mount Esjan, the geothermal beach Nauthóslvík or Laugardalur Valley.

What to do with 1000 crowns (8 €) in Iceland?

Icelandic Crowns – Go to the museum!

Of course, with a few free museums, it is increasingly difficult to find museums whose entrance is less than a thousand crowns, but it is possible, and rest assured, you will pay a maximum of 1500 ISK for a visit. If you are in Reykjavik, the outdoor museums worth seeing are Árbær (1500 ISK) and the Museum of Photography (free), the National Museum of Iceland (1500 ISK), NYLO (free) and the Nordic House (admission free, fair prices vary). In Akureyri, all downtown art museums are free, including the Museum of Visual Arts and the Art Museum of Akureyri; Akureyri Museum is also an interesting visit and entry costs 1200 crowns.

Buy a souvenir from Iceland

The choice is vast, and you can easily find useful souvenirs at low prices! To bring back home with you, a little taste of Iceland you can buy chocolate, Icelandic candy, salt, Skyr or Icelandic water; these can be found everywhere in Iceland. Magnets, mugs, and keychains are also souvenirs found at reasonable prices. Don’t forget to by the typical Icelandic jumper, called Lopapeysa.

What to do with 1000 crowns (8 €) in Iceland?

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