To find a job in Iceland, check out our previous article on the subject, and learn more about wages and working conditions in the country.

Here are some addresses to look for a job in Iceland:, or are three sites that lists job opportunities in Iceland.

Work in Iceland! Jobs for foreigners in Iceland

Jobs for foreigners in Iceland – EURES

The EURES website identifies jobs available across the country and puts the ads in English first, which means jobs are open to foreigners.

Icelandic dailies publish a list of jobs to be filled each week. For the online version, and Morgunblaðið, both of which have a classified ads section. The first is the site of the daily Frettablaðið, which every Saturday devotes tens of pages to employment.


Work in Iceland! Jobs for foreigners in Iceland and will give you access to advertisements from Icelandic municipalities; Examples of jobs listed there would include; assistant cook in a school, assistant in a nursing home or ski lift operator in winter.

Work in Iceland! Jobs for foreigners in Iceland

If you have a particular degree, whether you are a doctor or a university lecturer, check the websites of hospitals and universities directly or contact their administration by email. “Störf í bóði” means that a list of advertisements for vacancies is available. You can also go through a recruitment agency like Capacent or Island Recruiting if you are looking for a long term job in Iceland.

Work in Iceland! Jobs for foreigners in Iceland

Jobs in Tourism

For jobs in tourism, you do not necessarily need to have experience or a diploma in this field. It is mainly your motivation and your skills that are important – in particular, language skills are very welcome. English, French, German and Spanish are great assets to working in Iceland. Guesthouses and farms easily hire in the summer, and it is also possible to work at picking or producing fruit and vegetables in one of the many greenhouses of the country. Contact guesthouses, hotels and tourist offices directly or check the EURES website for jobs available.

Work in Iceland! Jobs for foreigners in Iceland

Your motivation and your will are your greatest assets – your CV and experience are often relegated to second place. Finding a job by going “door-to-door” will give you the greatest chance of success.

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