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Day 5

Named after Saint Patrick, the spiritual guide of Örlygur Hrappson, who settled first in the area Fjord Patreksfjörður that today has about 700 inhabitants. South of the fjord, you can admire the highest mountain in the west fjords, Kalbakur (998 meters). You can rent a bike, take fishing trip by boat. Or just walk to admire the many birds in the region: white-tailed eagles, razorbills, guillemots, and gannets are numerous.

Puffins are also present, and Látrabjarg is not far away: it’s a rock 14 kilometres long and up to 440 meters high where thousands of birds nest every summer. Rauðasandur beach is also a charming place and is the only white sand beach in Iceland (the rest are black). You can spend the night in Bíldudalur, located 230 kilometers from your starting point, Reykhólar.

10 days in the West of Iceland - Trip report (Part 2/2)

West Iceland Trip – Day 6

The next fjord, Arnarfjörður, houses a museum that tells the story of sea creatures who are said to live in the area. Arnarfjörður is one of the most beautiful of the western fjords with its varied landscapes and towering mountains, and the place is above all known for hosting the waterfall Dynjandi, so majestic and impressive from a height of 100 meters. In the surrounding area, you can visit the small villages of Þingeyri and Flateyri in the Fjord Dýrafjörður, where you can learn more about the history of the region and visit several museums, including the Museum of Anything. You can then join Isafjörður, the capital of the west fjords approximately 170 kilometers away.

10 days in the West of Iceland - Trip report (Part 2/2)

Day 7

Isafjörður, a small town with 2600 inhabitants, has a lot to offer travellers: golf, hiking, cycling, horse riding, fishing, kayaking and other activities are available during the summer. It’s also a lovely little town to stroll around and enjoy the fresh fish offered by restaurants. Continue your journey until Súðavík, twenty kilometers south of Isafjörður, where you can learn about the avalanche of 1995 that “cut” the village in two, and also, the arctic fox visiting the Icelandic research centre The Arctic Fox. Stay overnight in Isafjörður and enjoy what it has to offer.

10 days in the West of Iceland - Trip report (Part 2/2)

Day 8

Continue until Litlibær, 80 kilometers from Isafjörður, visit a small historic house and take a coffee break -with the best view of the whole of Iceland! 150 km further leads you to Hólmavík where you can visit the museum of witchcraft. Along the way you can stop in the Heydalur valley and enjoy a swim in one of the many hot springs in the area.

10 days in the West of Iceland - Trip report (Part 2/2)

Day 9

Return slowly to the south and head to the Reykjanes Peninsula. On the peninsula, there are many sites to visit. Among them, the bubbling hot spring Gunnuhver, the widest in Iceland , Brimketill lava field, the Brennisteinfjöll mountains or the famous Blue Lagoon (remember to book in advance if you are interested!). The distance from Keflavík International Airport is 276 kilometers away.

10 days in the West of Iceland - Trip report (Part 2/2)

Day 10

Departure. We hope you had an excellent experience. Please tell us know how it went.

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