Surprising your partner is something really nice to do and is almost always appreciated. At the very least, it adds a few unforgettable memories to your love story. If you are lucky enough to visit Iceland, keep in mind that the surprise factor in a country like this is not difficult to achieve. Here at Iceland24, we haven’t yet lost our romantic touch. It’s our pleasure to bring you the best romantic ideas for your Iceland trip with your partner.

Happy Icelandic couple sharing a romantic moment

The Aurora Borealis


Let’s come out with romantic guns blazing. Is there anything more beautiful than this phenomenon of nature? Not only is it entirely unique, but it will take both you and your partner’s breath away. Enjoying the show of lights right above your heads in the middle of nowhere is priceless. You’ll be wrapped up with your beloved, holding each other close and staying warm with a nice warm blanket.

Remember that the northern auroral season usually takes place from September to April. The ideal circumstances to see the lights are very specific: cold, dark, clear skies. It is possible to see the Northern Lights from cities in Iceland. However, we recommend that you move away from areas with high light pollution so that the intensity of the Aurora Borealis will be even greater. You’ll also get the benefit of privacy and the special setting that comes from the two of you being alone in the middle of the nowhere.

The Northern Lights over Godafoss Waterfall are the perfect romantic evening

Taking a dip in thermal baths 

Iceland is a country filled with geothermal baths. As a result, Icelanders love to spend time in spas, swimming pools and hot springs. Don’t be alarmed; we’re not going to offer you an Olympic-sized swimming pool as a romantic option. We are talking more about the beautiful areas with natural hot springs out in the middle of nature. You’ll find plenty of natural pools heated with geothermal energy and with lots of privacy.

For example, you have Landbrotalaug, a spring that has formed a natural pool and that is 44 °C (111 °F). It’s like having a natural jacuzzi. The spring is located on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, in a setting as beautiful as it is secluded. It’s quite small, so two people fit perfectly. Submerged in the warm water, you can see the peaks of the surrounding mountains and the impressive landscape.

This is only one example, and in Iceland, these tiny, hidden geothermal springs are everywhere. You’ve got thousands of options to choose from, so find the one you like the most.

Girl swimming in a hot spring in Landmannalaugar during a romantic trip to Iceland

Dine with the best views

Both in Reykjavik and outside the city, there are multiple options to enjoy a delicious dinner with impressive views. Restaurants such as Perlan or SKY Restaurant & Bar in Reykjavík offer a wide variety of Icelandic dishes with views of either the entire city or Reykjavík bay.

If you go to the Blue Lagoon, it can also be a fantastic opportunity to visit LAVA Restaurant, with expansive views of the lagoon. This type of experience is not only restricted to cities. There are also restaurants and cafes in small fishing villages offering views of the fjords, cliffs and all kinds of natural beauty. They provide that final touch to a great evening.

Adventure-filled activities to do together 

If you prefer a more active itinerary, why not enjoy an outdoor activity together? There are multiple options in Iceland and some of them are totally unique and surprising. What do you think about hiking on a glacier? Visiting ice caves? Riding on an Icelandic horse?

View from ice cave in Iceland with romantic sunset

All these activities are available in Iceland. You will need to hire a guide or be part of a tour as you’ll need to go with a certified specialist. They will also provide you and your significant other with all the necessary equipment to safely complete your excursion. These types of activities won’t give you too much privacy though, because they are usually done in a group. They will, however, leave you with unforgettable memories to last for the rest of your lives. Is there anything more romantic than that?

Whichever option you choose, we are sure that Iceland will surpass your expectations. Tell us your experiences or if you have any other recommendations.

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