Iceland is a very child-friendly country, and your little munchkins will no doubt be welcomed everywhere in Iceland. Whether in cafés, museums or the hairdressers, there is often a play area for children. Here are some ideas and tips to take care of your children during your holiday in Iceland.

Iceland with children. Travel tips!

Iceland with children – Swimming Pools

The swimming pools are real institutions in Iceland, and this is a must for your trip. There are hundreds of pools of all shapes and sizes, all outdoors, and the water temperature varies between 28 and 42 degrees depending on the pools. It is an activity that will delight the youngest and the oldest – it is not uncommon, in summer, to see babies of only a few months bobbing in the water. Bathtubs, changing rooms and high chairs are provided to make your life easier in the showers and changing rooms.

Iceland with children. Travel tips!

It is better to stick to the municipal swimming pools with your young children as there are no activities or games at the blue lagoon and other natural baths like Jarðböðin við Mývatn or Laugarvatn Fontana so they are better for teenagers or young adults.

“Paying” activities such as visiting museums are generally suitable for children, and there are often interactive activities during visits that can easily keep them occupied. Whale watching is a fun activity for older children – The excursions are rather long and will seem endless for the younger ones. If you are not sure if your children will have the patience you can try a one and a half hour express tour, but this is only possible from the capital, Reykjavik.

Iceland with children. Travel tips!

Is there any danger?

In Iceland, your children are unlikely to be abducted – babies are often seen sleeping outside the cafes in their prams. The big danger in Iceland comes from nature, and you have to be careful during your wanderings. The “nature” activities must be adapted to the age and interests of your children.

Some places require a lot of walking or are not very safe for young children. Geysir is an exciting place for children, but you have to be careful that they do not pass the barriers or have fun dipping their hands in the boiling waters of the site.

Iceland with children. Travel tips!


Waterfalls are often easy to reach, but can also be dangerous; Gullfoss, Goðafoss, Dettifoss and other sites are slippery and unsafe. The same is true for the promontories like Dyrhólaey or Látrabjarg. Small people (and big) should be wary and not approach too close to the edge. And for the volcanoes that can be visited -Kerið is quite dangerous and going around Krafla in northern Iceland is not suitable for young children.

Iceland with children. Travel tips!

Some beaches are calm and peaceful, and some Icelandic children even enjoy bathing in the summer; However, others are known to be extremely windy and dangerous, especially Reynisfjara in the south of the island. Never let your children get too close to the water.

As for the best places to sleep with your family and whether it is wiser to stay at a hotel or rent a campervan…we will come back to that topic again!

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