Everybody wants to explore Iceland nowadays. It’s just one of those hot tourist destinations that everyone wants a piece of. And if you are reading this, we assume that you’ve already discovered that a trip to Iceland isn’t cheap. It’s actually one of the top three most expensive countries in the world. This sobering fact will affect every part of your Iceland budget, from what you eat to where you stay. We don’t want astronomical prices to hinder you from traveling here. It would be such a shame to miss the charming fishing villages and breathtaking landscapes that await you. That is why we’ve got some advice for saving money as you prepare for your Iceland trip. Once you are here, there are other things you can do to keep your spending under control. But before you land on the shores of this beautiful, expensive island, let’s try to save you a few pennies with these saving hacks for Iceland.

What are the best hacks for saving money on your Iceland trip?


Save Money on Flights to Iceland

Your flight to Iceland is probably one of the first things that you will look up online. As everyone knows, the earlier you buy your tickets, the cheaper they will be.

You can use websites like Skyscanner to help you to find cheaper tickets for your dates. If you haven’t yet decided when you want to go to Iceland, you can try out their “cheapest month” tool. This will yield you some really low prices.

Another thing to consider is that direct flights may not be available from your country or city. And even if there are, they could be really expensive. We always recommend checking flights with a layover. There are several low-cost companies that regularly fly to Iceland, such as WOW Air, easyJet or Wizz Air. Try to plan your trip and book your flight as far in advance as possible. You may also be able to take advantage of some flash sales the airlines offer. Sign up for the alerts.

Get a Cheap Car Rental in Iceland 

As with airline tickets, booking your vehicle sooner rather than later will help you to save some money. That is our tip number one for car rentals as well.

We have already talked about prices and recommended car rental companies before, so we won’t delve further into this topic. However, we highly recommend you to check on the companies’ websites in case they have any offers available or if they can give you a reduced price. Many times, car rental companies will offer steep discounts to travelers taking their vacation during low season. You can get up to 50% when traveling during off-season or shoulder season. That amounts to massive savings. Think about coming in the fall or even planning a winter holiday as a way to save major amounts of dough.

And if you plan the route and cities on your Iceland trip itinerary in advance, you could save money on your rental. Remember that if you are not traveling on gravel roads or F-roads in Iceland, there is no need to rent a more expensive 4×4 car. This will definitely reduce your car rental budget.

Save money on your Iceland car rental


Low-Cost Accommodation Options

With Iceland being so expensive, keeping your budget in check with accommodation imperative. Before you know it, you could easily spend several hundred dollars, euros or pounds on just hotel rooms! Keeping an eye on your accommodation budget is important, if only for the health of your bank account. Consider the different possibilities available besides hotels.

What is undoubtedly the cheapest option? Camping. You can use campsites or check other places where camping is allowed.

However, if you enjoy being surrounded by nature and sleeping under the stars, we have a suggestion that’s too good to pass up: renting a campervan. Campers are the perfect hybrid of accommodation and rental car. This option allows you to explore Iceland with total freedom and spend the night wherever you like. Remember that there are some limitations on where you can camp. Using campsites is highly recommended.

If you are not keen on sleeping in campsites and you prefer the warmth and comfort of being under a roof, we suggest having a look at the different guesthouses available all around Iceland. You might even find a bargain on Airbnb; it’s always worth a try!

Camping is a great way to save money in an expensive country like Iceland


Reduce Costs by Bringing Your Own Stuff 

Whether you choose tent camping or renting a camper, bringing your own stuff will help you to save money. If you are camping, bring your own tent or sleeping bags if possible. Power chargers, adaptors or inverters can be easily carried and will reduce your expenses.

If you do not want to pack those things, Iceland Camping Equipment Rental is a great website that allows you to rent your gear. You will have to include them in your projected budget. But at least you’ll save some space in your luggage.

Saving Hacks for Iceland

Iceland is about enjoying nature. Delighting in the country’s magnificent scenery does not have to cost an arm and a leg. When preparing for your trip, choose wisely among the different suggestions and enjoy your time in Iceland.

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