This is a question that travelers often ask … how should I travel in Iceland? Alone or accompanied? Rent a car and go on a solo adventure or depend on a guide and an itinerary? Obviously, this is very individual, and the answer will depend on your interests and how you like to travel. Each of the options has advantages and disadvantages, and here are some ideas to take into account when preparing for your trip to Iceland.

Travelling in Iceland: guided or alone?

Accompanied travel

A trip to Iceland requires lots of planning and preparation, to make the most of your time there, including many reservations. On an organized tour, this is all taken care of for you; You can put your feet up and relax while the tour company takes care of the itinerary. With the growing tourism industry, you can join all kinds of accompanied trips, which suit your personality and desires. On a guided tour, you are sure not to miss stunning views or a hidden waterfall a few meters from the road. Accompanied trips follow a fixed route, but, spontaneous alterations may occur occasionally, depending on the guide, company or factors such as weather conditions. However, when you are traveling in a group, you will be expected to take part in the activities on the trip, whether you like it or not.

Travelling in Iceland: guided or alone?

If you have no experience of Iceland and want to go to the Highlands, it may be useful to go there accompanied by a professional. The same applies if you wish to hike on a glacier or enter an ice cave; For safety reasons we strongly advise you not to venture alone and always use a professional to guide you.

Independent Travel

You can stop where and when you want and spend your days at your own pace … this is the biggest advantage of traveling independently. Iceland is a country that takes time to uncover and get in to the local culture. However, Iceland is very popular and finding accommodation during the high season can be difficult to find, unless you book months in advance. An independent trip needs to be well planned so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. And do not forget that in Iceland, especially in winter, unforeseen events are common: be prepared to modify your itinerary if necessary.

Travelling in Iceland: guided or alone?

The alternatives

A trip that is partly independent and partly guided can be a beneficial way to discover Iceland and make the most of it. Depending on your budget, you can:

– hire a private guide to guide your group around the island.

– join an auto tour and enjoy your freedom without the constraints of reservations and schedules.

– make an independent trip but use Visit Askja services for certain excursions.

Travelling in Iceland: guided or alone?

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