Iceland has quickly become a popular touristic destination and this tendency continues to grow, and with good reason, as the country has plenty to offer all year long. From the breathtaking Auroras Borealis better known as Northern Lights, frosty waterfalls and white landscapes one could only find in a beautiful winter postcard, to the glowing green moss that contrasts with jet black volcanic mountains and glaciers arising in these landscapes during the endless- light- days of the summer.

Cheap flights to Iceland from the U.S. Tips to travel to Iceland

With this sudden increase in the touristic demand, availability of flights options was also arising in the same level; covering the needs of those travelers who search to get around at an affordable price.

This is basically the reason why we decided to write this guide. We intend to show the entire offer of direct flights to Iceland from the U.S. There are companies that have been operating in the country for many years like Icelandair. It has already earned a reputation within the aviation industry. There are other companies such Delta Airlines that are now adding Iceland as a new destination attracted by the new found popularity of this country.

Cheap flights to Iceland from the U.S. Tips to travel to Iceland

How far in advance do I need to book a flight ticket to Iceland

Although it is not a fixed rule, prices tend to increase as the date of departure approaches. On the other hand, due to the growing popularity of Iceland as a touristic destination, tickets usually get sold quickly. This also happens to car rental in Iceland. We have already dealt with this issue before.

So if you are planning to travel to Iceland between June and September and you would like to get cheap flights, it is highly advisable to book your tickets between January and February. After that period, prices go up or tickets simply get sold out. In case your trip is between March and June, the cheapest flight offers to Iceland will be found between November and January. And if you travel between October and New Year’s Eve, we recommend you to book it at least three or four months in advance.

As a general rule we recommend purchasing your flight tickets 4-6 months in advance depending on the departure date and time.

Cheap flights to Iceland from the U.S. Tips to travel to Iceland

Airlines with direct flights U.S. – Iceland on a regular basis.

WOW air (Boston, New York, Washington – all year long; Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Pittsburgh, San Francisco – until October).

Icelandair (Boston, Atlanta, Buffalo, Burlington, Charlotte, Columbus, Dallas/Ft Worth, Fairbanks, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers – all year long).

Delta Airlines (Minneapolis/St Paul, New York – all year long).

Stopover in Iceland

Some flight companies offer the option to stopover in Iceland for up to 7 nights when you fly from the U.S. to Europe, without any additional airfare. That allows you to visit and explore our beautiful country. Take advantage of it!

Important things to bear in mind while booking your flight tickets to Iceland.

Finally, I would like to list the things that should be taken into account when booking your flights to Iceland.

Cheap flights to Iceland from the U.S. Tips to travel to Iceland

Cheap flights to Iceland from the U.S.

– Always remember to carry the essentials stuff for your trip in your hand luggage. So that in case the rest of your suitcases get lost, you will not be left high and dry. Wear as many layers of warm clothing as you can, or keep it in your hand luggage so in case your checked baggage gets lost it would not affect your trip that much if you need to wait a few days to get it back,

– There are companies that offer a continuous bus shuttle service throughout the year, from the airport to the city center. The bus takes around 40 minutes to reach Reykjavik’s bus station. It also offers service to and from the main hotels in the city. These are companies such as Reykjavik Sightseeing, Flybus and Airport Express.

Cheap flights to Iceland from the U.S. Tips to travel to Iceland

– There is no need to exchange currency for the trip, as credit cards are accepted all over the country,

– If you visit Iceland in the summer, be prepared for long hours of daylight. The majority of hotels and guesthouses will have blackout curtains, but if you are planning to camp or are a light sleeper, don’t forget your eye mask!

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