Iceland is home to many natural marvels that attract adventurous tourists from all over the world. In this Land of Fire and Ice, some opt to travel is by reserving a car rental. But after you’ve analyzed your rental options, if you want to travel in style and comfort the motorhome is your best choice. There are many advantages to driving a motorhome in Iceland because you are combining easy transport with housing.

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Advantages of Driving a Motorhome in Iceland 

Traveling the Iceland roads by motorhome is a lavish method of travel since you will have access to several amenities. For example, you’ll have access to a bathroom and it will come in handy when driving along the Ring Road. Also on your journey, you will have the freedom to explore at your own pace versus a guided tour. Many landmarks require time to absorb such as the striking Gullfoss waterfall and the historic Thingvellir National Park. Now reserve your rental in Iceland and learn why motorhomes are the best way to travel through this island nation.

Luxury Motorhome in Iceland 

Traveling with a luxury motorhome in Iceland is like traveling in a portable hotel. Most motorhome rentals can hold 3 to 6 people and still allow them to feel comfortable. The standard size of motorhomes in Iceland includes a living room space and an area to have dinner. On cold nights you and your friends have room to cozy up indoors while enjoying the cabin heating system. It is also a great opportunity for bonding. Be sure to pack a deck of cards for a game night filled with jokes and lasting memories.

There is also a fully functional mini-kitchen or kitchenette equipped with a refrigerator and cooktop. Cooking and creating healthy meals is a great opportunity to save money on food. Iceland is notorious for being very expensive so finding ways to save money can help with purchases such as gas.

Motorhomes even provide a place for you to get a relaxing night of sleep under the stars. The beds convert into a seating area or there is an actual space for a real bed. Large motorhomes have space in the cabin for extra people to sleep in single beds in addition to the bedroom.

Now let’s talk about the all-important bathroom. In Iceland when you are on an adventurous road trip, access to a toilet and shower is the ultimate indulgence. You can conveniently answer the “call” when nature calls. Take a shower when you need to and use the bathroom without the stress of finding a gas station. These lush motorhomes are ideal for long trips and large groups wanting to experience only an aspect of camping. In other words, they can enjoy “glamping” a term coined from the phrase glamorous camping.

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Iceland Motorhome Campsites 

There are many Iceland motorhome campsites found in urban areas like the capital city of Reykjavik. But you can find other locations immersed in nature near where you can go whale watching or spot beautiful puffins. Most camping sites will have amenities like showers, bathrooms, and places to relax and socialize with other campers. This will allow you to save water and even do your laundry. Then make sure to fill up the motorhome water tank and dump your septic black tank at the designated location.

At these campsites, you will see two recreational vehicles: the motorhome or camper van. The camper vans will look more like a van and is typically smaller than the motorhomes. Please note most campsites are open during fall and summer however few remain open in winter. But fortunately, there are a few locations that remain open all year.

In Northeast Iceland, the campsite Ásbyrgi Campground, commonly called Shelter of the Gods is very convenient. It’s spacious, has electrical hookups, and fully equipped bathroom facilities. You can even walk to the beautiful Vatnajökull National Park and take amazing photos. Unfortunately, Ásbyrgi Campground is only open from May to September.

Grindavik Campground is very close to the Keflavik International Airport and is an ideal last stop before your trip ends. This location has playgrounds, showers, toilets, and a place to cook. But most importantly, it has Internet access. On your last night, you can reflect on your journey, enjoy the great Icelandic outdoors, and relax.

Motorhomes vs. Campervans 

Motorhomes and campervans are both recreational vehicles. However, which rental option is better, a motorhome or campervan? There are pros and cons to both but it is highly dependent on your needs and preferences. Now that you know motorhomes can provide many amenities let’s discuss how campervan hire rental compares.

Unlike the accommodating motorhome, the modern camper van has been designed to be utilitarian and purely functional. Therefore, they are cheaper than a comfortable motorhome. Most campers come equipped with a mini kitchenette, stove, sleeping cots, curtains, and storage for camp gear. You will still feel connected to nature but will be more comfortable than sleeping directly outside.

Both vehicles are larger than an average-sized car so pay attention to road signs and only park in designated areas. Some campers have four-wheel drive, which will allow you to navigate all of the rugged Iceland terrain. This means you can traverse the rough Highland F-roads that are characterized by lava fields, rivers, and gravel. Motorhomes only come in a two-wheel drive. However, you could easily park your motorhome and book a Highlands Super Jeep tour with an expert driver.

Motorhome Iceland rental advantages beautiful landscapes

If you want to connect with nature but not compromise comfort you should select the motorhome. But if you want a purely functional vehicle then the camper van can work.

Motorhome Camping in Iceland 

Motorhome camping in Iceland is an amazing experience that will give you freedom. You are not confined to one location and can travel at your leisure in luxury. So park your motorhome in a beautiful campsite and appreciate the midnight sun or witness the dancing Northern Lights. Your adventure will be unforgettable.

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